What is SGA?

As cited on the Florida State Univeristy Student Government Association website: “The mission of the Student Government Association (SGA) is to provide FSU students with representation, services, and advocacy within the university structure. The SGA provides quality leadership for, and accountability to, its constituency by recognizing that strength arises from diversity, engagement, and dialogue.” We thought it was best to break down all that Student Government does and how it can help YOU!

What/Who is the Executive Branch?

The Executive Branch consists of the

  • Student Body President
  • Student Body Vice-President
  • Student Body Treasuer.
  • Deputy Treasuer
  • Student Body Chief of Staff
  • Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Attorney General
The Exectuive Cabinet also consist of various secetaries who work closely with the above listed positions. The number of secetaries is up to the discretion of the executive branch. The current secetaries are listed below.
  • Secretary of...
    • Academic Affairs
    • Arts
    • Community Affairs
    • Communications,
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Internal Affairs
    • Programming
    • STEM Development
    • Student Affairs

Who are the Agencies?

Under the Student Vice President, there are six identity based agencies:

  • Asian American Student Union
  • Black Student Union
  • Hispanic Latino Student Union
  • Pride Student Union
  • Veteran Student Union
  • Women Student Union
Every Agency is open to all students regardless of identity you may hold yourself. Merchandise and promotional materials issued by agencies (i.e. t-shirts, food) is free for you all as a student of Florida State. All the Directors and Assistant Directors hold office hours on the 4th floor of Thagard. More information can be found on: http://sga.fsu.edu/.

What about Bureaus?

The seven bureaus serve as a resource for advocacy. These include:

  • The Center for Participant Education
  • Inter-Residence Hall Council
  • Student Council for Undergraduate Research and Creativity
  • Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Office of Servant Leadership
  • Office of Governmental Affairs
  • Office of the Student Sustainability

What are Executive Projects?

There are three executive projects turned institutes- Freshman Leadership Institute, Transfer Leadership Institute, Diversity and Inclusion Institute.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Institute: The Diversity and Inclusion Institute is an executive project within the Student Government Association at Florida State University. The mission of this program is to provide a space for Florida State University students to fully understand the range of diversity and multiculturalism, including but not limited to ability, socio-economic, age, rural/urban, veterans, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, gender identity & expression, religion, and faith structures through workshops that are focused on awareness, discussion and collaborative learning activities.
  • Freshman Leadership Institute: FLI shall provide members with the opportunity to embrace their personal values, explore and develop their personal leadership style, and foster a deeper sense of self-identity.
  • Transfer Leadership Institute: The Transfer Leadership Institute's mission is to provide personal, professional, and leadership growth opportunities for ambitious transfer students through programming, peer mentoring and educational experiences that impact the Florida State University student body and its surrounding community.
  • Class Councils- The Class Councils work to create unity among the graduating classes as well as pride in student’s own graduating class.
    • Senior Class Council
    • Junior Class Council
    • Sophomore Class Council

How can I get my RSO/Organization Funded?

The Student Government offers many ways to get your RSO/Organization funded! Preliminaries

  1. You must be financially certified
  2. Your organization must be an RSO (Registered Student Organization)
  3. Have Submitted Authorization Forms into SGA after completing the financial certification test
  4. Review the Financial Manual
Funding through PAC (Program Allocation Committee)
  1. What is funded through PAC?
    • Rental equipment, contracts, supplies, and food
Funding through RTAC (Resource/Travel Allocation Committee)
  1. What is funded through RTAC?
    • Travel to conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings or service trips and can aid in covering expenses such as registration, car rental fees, mileage and lodging.
Funding through Organizational Fund Request
  1. The Organizational Fund is $200 in startup funds for RSOs that have received SGA funds in the previous year. Funds are limited and allocated on a first come, first serve basis.
Funding through Senate (Legislative Branch):
  1. Student Senate can aid in funding events or projects in the summer or throughout the school year that fall outside of the scope of PAC/RTAC or require additional funds. O
For more deatiled information on RSO Funding go here! For questions or help contact us here!

Who makes up the Legislative Branch?

  • Consists of the Student Senate President, Pro-Tempore, Senate Parliamentarian,and Student Senators.
  • There are 80 seats representing the 20 colleges at Florida State. First and second year students are undergraduate studies, and third and fourth year are listed under their college.
  • Senate is made up of six committees (Budget, Finance, Internal Affairs, Judiciary, Rules & Calendar, & Student Life & Academic Affairs)
  • The most important aspects of Senate are the Budget process where each fall they allocate a 13 million budget to the different Agencies, and SGA Projects like The Leach and the Oglesby Union.

Judicial Branch?

  • The Judicial branch deals with any violations of the Student Body Consitutuon and Statues.
  • They consist of:
    • Supreme Court Justices
    • Attorney Generals
    • Univeristy Defender
    • Chief Justice who is a law student
More information on the makeup of SGA can be found on sga.fsu.edu


what is sga?